Charla Grow 8M

Yesterday, March 2nd, and with the International Women Day in mind, on March 8th, we celebrate a round table about Women in the workplace at Voxel offices.

This event counted with the participation Mercè Delgado, Founder & CEO at CounterGrogWise, Sonia Casado, Operations Director at Women in Mobile (WIM), Majdouline Larhfiri, Strategic Account Manager at Voxel Group and Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel Group and Georgina Rifé, CMO at Voxel Group acting as a moderator.

During the round table topics as discrimination of women at the workplace and in important charges, the wage gap or even the male chauvinism were discussed; giving the opportunity to the participants to explain their point of view and their experiences in the matter.

Mercè Delgado, winner of 2019 Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain, pointed out that the main problem resides in education, and that is where women empowerment has to start. In 2019 only 18% of students in STEM degrees (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths) were women.

According to Delgado, these numbers are still representing a low inclusion of women in the technological sector and pointed out that giving more visibility to femenine referents would be positive for young women. “We have to break with the stereotype of leader women being associated with negative atributes like being unable to be a mother, and gove more visibility to women in important positions.”

We would like to thank Voxel Group for the organization of the event and for inviting us to be a part of this experience.