We are looking for you!

Are you a tech enthusiast? Do you want to work in a fast-paced environment with awesome perks? Then CounterGrogWise is your dream company!

Company Perks

Since we believe work-life balance is crucial, our company perks will always meet your personal needs.

Remote-OK Fridays

Yes, all Fridays it is an obligation to work remotely.

Part-time on fridays

And YES… Fridays’ afternoons are for you. They smell of weekend!

25 days of paid holidays

This is something pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy them!

Flexible working hours

In order to allow you to take care of your medical appointments, kids needs etc your working time can be flexible if needed.

team building activities

If you do not still appreciate them, it is because you have not been in one of ours yet!

company offside

The office is not the place to be, it is the place to live and enjoy. Many surprises will be waiting for you in the nicest environment you can imagine.

Gym all in

Health is a balance between body and mind! You will have paid gym membership to build your body (your mind will be already well set working at CGW!)

Fruity Mondays

We would like to encourage you to be healthy. Every monday, we will have fresh fruit for free in the office. Bon appetit!

Private insurance

With all benefits explained already, you will rarely feel sick. However, if that happens, you will count on secured private insurance to take care of your health.

Open Positions

Now the team is completed, but we will grow fast so stay tunned!